Here’s Josh and Chelsea’s wedding!! They got married the last weekend in October and although it was a little chilly…they never let that bother them for a second! I loved the colors they chose for their wedding! I have to admit, when I started seeing the bridesmaids show up in different shades of green I thought “Hmmmm.” But when they were all put together it looked AMAZING!! Never would have thought! I have actually showed several brides this bridal party as an example of something unique that looked great! This group was so fun to work with and there was no shortage of laughter and fun! (check out the girls in my vintage hats for an example…totally their idea haha) ¬†Chelsea and her friends are also nurses so we got along great! They also had amazing wedding cakes! Yes…I said CAKES! There were several cakes, each decorated differently. The cakes, accented with burlap roses, were decorated with rosettes, ruffles, and textured icing. Such a great idea! Just in case you weren’t a cake person, there was pie to cover that as well! ¬†Congratulations Josh and Chelsea! We really enjoyed working with you! We are so glad you chose Coffee Creek!

Also worked alongside my 2nd photographer Lori…thanks Lori!
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