I’m so excited to share Mollie’s 2 year pictures!! We had a perfect day for her photos and she was a perfect little model!! I could have taken photos of her all day. It also really helps that my son is the exact same age as her (within a few days!) so I know how to speak 2-year-old haha. It was so nice to take photos of such an adorable little girl on such a beautiful day…with GREEN GRASS!!!! I have waited a long time for green grass! With the drought last year and then winter, my photos have been dying for some color! I just love how spring grass is so bright and even looks electric yellow in the sun! Thanks for coming back to see me miss Mollie! I just love seeing you and your family!

2013-04-30_0001 2013-04-30_0002 2013-04-30_0003 2013-04-30_0004 2013-04-30_0005 2013-04-30_0006 2013-04-30_0007 2013-04-30_0008 2013-04-30_0009 2013-04-30_0010 2013-04-30_0011 2013-04-30_0012 2013-04-30_0013 2013-04-30_0014 2013-04-30_0015



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