Here is Josh & Clarissa’s wedding! (No worries, they have had their photos back for a while…I just haven’t had a chance to blog them!) I just loved getting to know this unique couple. They were so fun, quirky, and full of energy (in case you couldn’t tell from the photos haha). Every detail of their day was completely unique to them. Even the readings during their ceremony were tailored to each other and their personalities. They even had a grooms-woman!  Not only did I enjoy seeing the way they look at each other, but I also loved seeing the way Clarissa’s Dad would light up when he saw her. It was so sweet! Make sure you check out their father-daughter dance photos…loved them!  Congratulations Josh & Clarissa! We loved getting to know you and sharing your day with you!

My second photographer Lori Meyer was also an integral part of their day, thanks Lori!


  1. Clarissa says:

    Thank you Amy (and Lori!) for such amazing memories from that day! Looking at the photos again just brought back a flood of memories…it feels like only yesterday. 🙂

    I always have people asking me who did our photos because they are so amazed that you were able to capture such emotion in a set of photos!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again for making the day so special! (And helping to fix the zipper on my sister’s dress…ha ha ha!)



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