Coffee Creek Studio ~ Newborn Photography

Baby boy Carter hit a home run during his newborn session at my studio. Mom and Dad must have kept him good and awake for a long time because I did not see that baby boy’s eyes one time during the session.

Mommy told me they would be bringing Daddy’s baseball glove and I was so excited when Carter was just the right newborn size to fit in the glove. I think Dad has the first of his baseball team already in training.

Baby boy had cheeks for days, and I loved how every time I rested his head on something they just so perfectly plumped out. As newborns do, Carter liked to be snuggled up, but I managed to get a few images without the diaper and wraps!

Baby Carter looked like a tiny potato sack on my brown Flokati rug. He was just so perfectly squishy that he sat right up and then curled his tiny fingers around his small stuffed bear. Again with the cheeks in this pose! I could not get enough!

When I tucked Carter into my wooden prop crib with the quilt and the baby bonnet, I could not stop smiling. His Mommy brought the quilt and bonnet that were family heirlooms of theirs. I love it when parents bring a little something with such a special significance. He looked like he could have been a baby cast member at Conner Prairie. He was too adorable!

It was wonderful meeting this new family of three. I had so many images I loved of newborn baby boy Carter it was hard to pick!

Coffee Creek Studio is based out of Shelbyville, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Amy Haehl, who specializes in engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn photography, as well as mentoring other photographers. Coffee Creek Studio serves Indianapolis, Indiana and all surrounding areas.



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