Coffee Creek Studio ~ Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Baby boy Asher, you sweet thing you. He may have been outside of my typical newborn photography “window” but at 8 weeks old, he was still so perfect for his session.  Newborn baby boy Asher must have known exactly how amazing he would look with his eyes open for some of his images. Baby Asher was calm and happy, and the close ups of his little face are darling.

He did go to sleep for a bit, and looked so cute in the brown Rip Van Winkle cap all tucked into a bucket. One of the great things about babies who are awake and falling asleep is the faces they make. I got so many great images of baby Asher yawning and making silly baby faces as he tried to fight the magical swaddle that I had put him in. He truly was the happiest little guy on the planet.

I have a great weathered blue wooden bowl that I put baby boy in, and that was where he relaxed the most cozy and gave me the widest yawns. I wrapped him in a blue baby wrap and put him on a white fluffy bump blanket and it gave the feel of him riding on a wave. Take a look at some of baby boy Asher’s newborn gallery below!




Coffee Creek Studio is based out of Shelbyville, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Amy Haehl, who specializes in engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn photography, as well as mentoring other photographers. Coffee Creek Studio serves Indianapolis, Indiana and all surrounding areas.



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