Coffee Creek Studio ~ Newborn Photographer

Four boys, and they are all incredibly handsome young men! This beautiful family came into my studio to welcome newborn baby boy number four, sweet Mr. Cody. I have to say, I love photographing newborn babies, but these family poses were just as fun. So many different combos I had to get. I had to do one with Dad and all his boys, I had to do one with just the boys, I had to… well, you get the picture…. literally, they are below!

Newborn baby boy Cody was a perfect little chunk. He slept for the entire session, I’m not sure I even heard him made a peep. Since he was a holiday baby, we had to add that into the prop portion of his newborn session. I have a Charlie Brown tree that I love and I think those poses of baby boy Cody look incredibly cozy.

Baby boy had the perfect little pout too. I always do details of babies so you don’t forget a thing, but Cody’s little baby lips were just so great. Every pose I put Cody in he let me place his little hands and fingers and toes in just the right way. I really do have a thing for the details.

Thank you for bringing in this sweet bundle of joy to my studio and all of his older handsome brothers Mom and Dad! You both are blessed so many times over. Check out newborn baby boy Cody’s newborn session in the images I chose below!



Coffee Creek Studio is based out of Shelbyville, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Amy Haehl, who specializes in engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn photography, as well as mentoring other photographers. Coffee Creek Studio serves Indianapolis, Indiana and all surrounding areas.



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