Welcome to the always fun and never awkward "About me" page!  I’m guessing you would probably like to know a little about me before you trust me with your memories. I’ll spare you all of the boring “I love photography” comments haha. When I went to college and had to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, it didn’t occur to me that photography could be a “real" job so I decided to become a nurse. I started my photography business in 2008 and worked as an ER nurse for 11 years before deciding to completely commit myself to this business of mine.  Being a nurse prepared me for this job in more ways that I ever could have imagined. With my experience as an ER nurse I realize all too well that life isn’t promised and is a gift to be cherished. As those cherished moments in life pass us by, our photographs are what he have left. I love that when you hold a photograph, you hold a memory. 
I also love teaching and mentoring and welcome any opportunity to inspire others! 



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I love candy in all forms, especially cotton. I might even have my own cotton candy machine.  Keep the chocolate away though...gross.

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I love coke (a-cola) and even though we've tried to break up so many times and the relationship between us isn't healthy, I just keep going back.
I tried a low-carb diet once and almost died.

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I have three children (with way more energy than me) and two “bonus sons” with my firefighter hunk-of-a-husband Mike. We don’t know what downtime is and I never get to eat my own food.

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I'm allergic to cats. Insert Santa and a little girl asking for a kitty for Christmas and now we are the proud owners of miss Belle.
She's actually pretty awesome. 

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I love smiling and laughing until my face hurts! I don’t sweat the
small stuff… life is too short. I will choose fun and memories
(and lets be honest, naps) over laundry any day. 

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I believe you can never say "Thank You" too much and I'm trying to raise my children to be grateful and
appreciative of everything in life.

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I grew up on a farm with amazing parents who taught me the value of working hard and how to dream. I'm a small-town girl with BIG dreams and I love my quiet, peaceful life in the country. It means so much to me that my clients are able to enjoy the place where I was raised when they come to visit my studio.

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I have been photographing weddings since 2013. I am a sucker for a good love story and romantic movies. 

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Jennifer is an associate photographer for Coffee Creek Studio and photographs all weddings! She's an amazing part of the team and she handles the photos on the actual wedding day, while Amy handles the editing and other aspects of the wedding. 

I love to hear how couples fell in love and see it in their faces. The wedding day is the ultimate scene to catch the love between the bride and groom. As a photographer, I am very comfortable and confident. My goal is to make you feel the same way in front of the camera! 

I live in Greensburg, Indiana with my wonderful husband and our three young children. When I’m not behind the camera, I love being outside, delicious food cooked by my talented husband, a good cup of coffee, Olympic lifting, and spending time with family. 


“It turns out that sometimes dreams really do come true and if you have enough hustle and heart, anything is possible.”