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My studio is a renovated barn on the Coffee Creek Ridge property which also happens to be the perfect location for beautiful outdoor photos and weddings! I love that I grew up playing in the same barn that is now where I “work.” My main priority is for my clients to feel comfortable and welcome when they visit my studio and I always try my best to have a great place for them to relax...including snacks and cold water in the fridge! When clients bring me their babies, I tell them ahead of time that all they need to bring is their baby! My studio is stocked with everything we need for sessions including props, outfits, headbands, hats, and so much more! I also offer boutique clothing for babies up to 18-24 months for milestone sessions. Parents are always telling me how great it is to not have to worry about outfits. I even have several maternity gowns in various sizes available for use! 

The Studio



I only offer milestone sessions to returning newborn clients. I offer “sitter” sessions once the baby is sitting well and unassisted as well as first birthday sessions. Milestone sessions take place in-studio and boutique outfits up to size 18-24 months are available for use. I also have headbands available for these sessions. These sessions are styled in a timeless and simple way to focus on the baby and their features rather than distracting props and backdrops. 

Milestone Sessions 

I’m always so excited when clients book a newborn session with me because I know how much they will cherish great photos of their new baby. I’m excited when they realize the value in that! Everyone tells you “they grow so fast” but they really do. You don’t realize it until it happens to you. That’s my favorite part of newborn photography...the more they grow, the more their newborn photos are cherished. I book my newborn sessions in advance and always encourage clients to not wait until the last minute to ensure availability. I only book a certain number of newborn sessions each month, so I recommend booking as soon as possible. The beginning of the second trimester is great timing. I’m an amazing pregnancy- secret-keeper by the way! My newborn sessions take place within the first two weeks after delivery, ideally within the first 10 days. I send a prep-guide and work with clients prior to their session to plan the perfect session for them, including color choices and any special requests. I take my time during my newborn sessions and ensure the baby’s safety at all times. I stay up-to-date on immunizations, sanitize props, and wash fabrics after each session with free and clear detergent. 

Newborn Sessions 





As much as I would love to do it all and photograph every single moment for everyone, it just isn’t possible. For that reason, I have a team of wonderful associate photographers to help me! I handle all newborn photography and book a number of weddings each year. I have trained Ani and Emma to photograph clients like I do so that more clients can have beautiful quality photographs to treasure for a lifetime. If they book a session with a client I have worked with in the past, that client can rest assured they will still receive the quality photos and wonderful experience they are used to. My associate photographers have access to my studio, equipment, all props, as well as the surrounding property. Ani and Emma are able to photograph all types of sessions but Ani focuses on maternity, family, and child sessions while Emma focuses on engagement sessions and weddings. I also work with another associate photographer, Jennifer. Jennifer owns her own photography business and is an amazing photographer and asset to my team. She is available for weddings, engagement sessions, and birth photography! Associate wedding photography is available when I’m already booked or a client finds that an associate package is a better fit for their budget. When I hired associate photographers, it wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly. I took my time to ensure the best fit for my business and my clients and I know they will be in great hands with these three. My associate photographers handle taking the photos while I still handle everything else including booking, session planning, editing, and delivery of images and products. 

Associate Photographers



Wedding packages are available for both myself and my associate photographers. We are available for weddings at Coffee Creek Ridge as well as non-Coffee Creek Ridge weddings, however, we do offer special pricing for Coffee Creek Ridge clients since Coffee Creek Ridge is a companion family business. Our style is clean and timeless to ensure your photos look beautiful now and forever. Photography trends come and go and we don’t want your wedding photos to ever look out-dated. We help with timeline planning to ensure your wedding day photographs flow as smoothly as possible. We are easy-going, fun to work with, and also work well with other vendors and professionals. Before your wedding, we have you fill out questionnaires to help us know all of the important details of your day to ensure we capture all of the important details. We try to stay away from overly-posing couples so that your photos are reflective of who you truly are as a couple. Of course we give guidance when needed, but our goal is to create photos that are YOU and from YOUR wedding! 


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