Here are photos from John and Becky’s wedding! I just love taking wedding photos here at Coffee Creek Ridge because I love seeing the creative ideas that these couples come up with! I keep finding myself thinking…how did I ever plan my own wedding without Pinterest!!  HaHa!  I have had the honor of working with some amazing couples so far, and John and Becky were just that! I used to work with Becky before she moved away to South Carolina  and I was so  excited to see her again and  to photograph her wedding! The adorable little man in the photos is their son Tucker…such a cutie! And…In case you are wondering why they are dancing in a hog pan filled with beer…apparently there is a tradition that if a younger sibling gets married before an older sibling, they have  to dance in a hog pan full of beer 🙂 That just gives you an idea of how fun this wedding reception was! Thanks John and Becky for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day!







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