I’m so glad to finally have a chance to blog Matt and Keriane’s wedding photos! I just loved working with this couple! I can tell how special their love is just by how they look at each other…it was inspiring! It was so sweet to see how much Matt takes care of Keriane and how much he truly wanted their day to be perfect…which it was! Keriane carried a beautiful handmade broach bouquet that even had broaches with their initials on them. I just loved her bouquet and the men’s boutonnieres; both of which were handmade. Instead of a traditional unity candle, they chose to place letters for each other in a wine box to open years down the road on their anniversary.
They had a beautiful ceremony under our Coffee Creek sycamore tree and their reception was decorated with brown burlap and and baby’s breath in vintage glass bottles.

Congratulations Matt and Keriane! It was a pleasure working with you and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!

Also, thank you to my sister Lori, who was the second photographer/assistant for Matt and Keriane’s wedding. She does such a great job!

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