Oh this little baby girl…how cute is she?!?! I was so excited to meet miss Vada. Not only because “My Girl” is one of my favorite movies ever so she has to be awesome if she is named Vada, but because I know her family so well! I actually did her Mommy’s senior photos a few years ago! I’m always amazed at how fast times passes. I have also photographed Vada’s cousin Nora several times and will see her again next week! Oh and kudos to their family for picking awesome baby names! Miss Vada was just perfect for her session and let me pretty much do whatever I wanted. She would even “peek” at me and grin every now and then. So cute! It was great! I can’t wait to see her again for her 4 month photos. I loved meeting you miss Vada and I loved seeing your family again! 



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