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This session was incredibly close to my heart. My mother and father have been married for 40 years and we knew we had to celebrate that huge milestone in their marriage and all of our lives. We decided it would be fun to do a  photo shoot to mark the occasion, but all of us kids decided we needed to do a bit more.

I’m so proud of the business my parents have created, and fortunate for the part I get to play in it. I love my job, and have had countless sessions that have been sheer perfection, but photographing my mother and father for their 40th anniversary was far more special than I could have predicted!

My mother wore her original wedding dress, and was just as beautiful as she was the day of their wedding. My father wore a tux exactly as the one he wore on their wedding day as well. We had a vintage car  for them to take pictures by and in. They looked so happy. All of the kids and grandkids wore baby pink and baby blue as those were their wedding colors 40 years ago.

We surprised them with throwing a reception after the photo shoot. My parents always do their very best to make everyone’s wedding ceremony and reception the best days, we thought they deserved to enjoy Coffee Creek Ridge as well!

Being able to do something special for our Mom and Dad was really such an honor for me and my siblings as our parents have done so much for us our entire lives. Happy 40th anniversary Mom and Dad! We wish you so many more!

Coffee Creek Studio is based out of Shelbyville, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Amy Haehl, who specializes in engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn photography, as well as mentoring other photographers. Coffee Creek Studio serves Indianapolis, Indiana and all surrounding areas.



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