Indianapolis One Year Old Photographer ~ Coffee Creek Studio

The Collett quadruplets were so much fun during their one year old session and cake smash! Harper, Willow, Rowan, and Liam are all so adorable and love the stuffings out of each other! They have such unique personalities, but it is really fun to see four one year olds interact with one another. The little outfits they wore on the couch I had made by Love is Props and the color of the couch and outfits looked great on camera.

Mom and Dad came up with the Mickey and Minnie theme, and they got the outfits from Simply Sew Boutique. As you can imagine, a cake smash with four one year olds is going to be a messy affair, but I don’t think we could have predicted the cake SMASH that went on. Liam might be my favorite cake smasher of all time. He didn’t have to be told twice to go for it. Every single quadruplet immediately put a foot into their cake too! Then when they were not just sticking to their own cakes, but reaching over to try the one their sibling was eating… there was a lot of laughter in the studio during the cake smash.

This mama and papa sure do have their hands full, but I know their hearts are full too. Check out a few images from their 4X’s the size gallery!

And a big thank you to Kelsey at Sugar Sprout Studio who was willing to be covered in cake and help me chase babies!

quadruplets on couchquadruplets

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