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Baby boy Liam really stirred things up here at Coffee Creek Studio after his “A Christmas Story” newborn photo went viral. It was viewed by people all around the world! Liam, his mommy, and I even had the chance to make an appearance on Fox & Friends. It was all such a whirlwind and I have so much to share about that experience, but I think I’ll save that for another blog post! I’ll let this just be about Liam and his adorable self. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph his family for several years, starting back when his big-sister was growing in his Momma’s belly!

Liam came into my studio for his newborn session sound asleep…just the way I like them!  We discussed the “Christmas Story” photo and I said we would only do it at the end after we’d completed everything else and if he was still asleep. It worked out perfectly and he slept through everything we had planned…even holding that “controversial”  bb-gun haha.  He did wake up at the end so we had to grab a few awake photos too. I just love his expressive little face!

Thank you so much Liam and family for coming to visit me and being so wonderful throughout his session and then the viral post experience. It was stressful, but could have been so much worse without such amazing, understanding people and I can never thank them enough. As a thank you, he’ll be coming back soon so I can do his 1-year session! Can’t wait!!  Annnnnd yes…we just might re-create that Christmas photo too. I told you his parents are awesome! See you soon sweet boy!


Christmas Story Newborn photo goes viral

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