Photography has always been a passion of mine! Growing up, I would continuously find myself thinking, “that would make a great picture!” I guess it’s only fitting that I became a photographer. I was raised on a farm surrounded by love and storybook memories. I married the love-of-my-life and we have a wonderful family. I am also an ER nurse, however photography is my full-time job.  I know life is meant to be cherished and that is why I love photography; capturing those precious moments-in-time that pass by oh-too-quickly. I know many often pose the question, “If your house was on fire and you only had time to take one material possession with you, what would you take?” Well, I know for myself and many others it would be our pictures; our priceless memories.


  1. Tiffany Tackett says:

    I am interested in getting family pictures taken. I have three boys. 7 yrs, 22 months and 5 months. Would you please let me know your pricing and if you have any upcoming openings? Thank you.
    Tiffany Tackett

  2. Katie Douglas says:


    Lora recommended you for our wedding photographer. I am getting married in Indy on November 17th this year, so 1) do you have that date available, and 2) can you send me your pricing? I really liked the pictures I saw on your website!


    Katie Douglas

  3. Natalie says:

    I came across your website for wedding photography through a friend on facebook, and loved all of your photos. I’m getting married September of 2013. Can you send me some of your pricing? Thanks!!



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