Where do I even begin with this wedding??? I am still absolutely amazed at the care, thought, and preparation that had to have gone into this wedding! This wedding had details for their details! There was absolutely no stone left unturned. Jordan and Allie had a wedding and reception that centered around their guests. It started with a “Cider and Doughnut” bar for their guests to enjoy before the ceremony that included fun facts about Jordan and Allie. Then after the ceremony while we finished up photos, the guests were able to enjoy a popcorn bar detailing how Jordan “popped” the question. How clever!!
Once we were done with photos, Allie and Jordan then went inside the barn, opened it up, and welcomed their guests. They served dinner “family style” on wooden pallets. Each table had a wooden stand with photos of cities that are meaningful to the couple. On the opposite side of the photo, it detailed what that city means to them. Each table was also fitted with mismatched vintage china which looked AMAZING!! I love how easy it was to photograph this couple! They smiled constantly so capturing their true expressions was effortless for me. This was definitely one of those weddings that you could feel the love that surrounds them and I was honored to be a part of it! Congratulations Allie & Jordan!!


And…thank’s again to my assistant photographer/2nd shooter Lori!

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