Coffee Creek Studio ~ Newborn Photography

Newborn baby boy Oliver came to see me for his newborn session with his sweet Mom and Dad. They were over the moon to finally be meeting this little guy. I love chunky little newborns, and this guy had unlimited baby rolls.

Baby Oliver woke up just a little for poses with Mom and Dad, but then was fast asleep when it was time for me and him to get down to business. He had feathery newborn hair that I just couldn’t bear to cover up too much, it was so perfect. Mom said she liked neutrals but wasn’t opposed to a splash of color here or there, so I used one of my favorite blue wraps when we were posing on the rug.

Other than that it was creams and earth tones for baby boy, and he sure did look good in them. Every prop we used he snuggled right down in and his little hands stayed in just the right position. One of my favorite poses was in a little white bowl prop and he was all wrapped up in a simple white wrap with a Rip Van Winkle cap that perfectly matched. He was in the deepest slumber just like the namesake of the cap!

Oliver came to see me during the “Great American Eclipse of 2017” so of course we had to do a photo of him with eclipse glasses! Haha…he rocked them!

We ended with some simple under the blanket poses, and I got some of the best facial expressions out of baby boy Oliver. Sleepy smiles are the best, and he had them in spades.

Needless to say, I really love newborn photography. Watching people fall in love with the tiny human being they have brought into their family is one of the most magical experiences. I’m so happy to have met this new family of three, check out some of the images from their gorgeous newborn session!


newborn in eclipse glasses



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