Coffee Creek Studio ~ Newborn Photographer

I loved meeting this sweet little miss! When I worked as an ER nurse, I worked with her Mommy! Newborn baby girl Fiona had a natural newborn session and obviously I was really feeling white and cream with her. I love the simplicity of these sessions. Baby girl was a baby angel and was the picture of just dropped in from heaven.

She was so happy curled up on her back, showing me all of her baby back rolls. Her little toes are the picture of perfection, just sticking out under her leg. I have this really great white wrap that is frilly on all the edges and I love to use it when I do the womb pose, circling it all around baby. Fiona fit so snugly into my white bowl, and I stuffed all kinds of white cotton fluff around her. The different shades of white contrasted each other perfectly.

I loved that bowl prop pose so much I tried to capture every angle with my camera. The close ups reveal all of her tiny perfect details. I thought maybe when I unwrapped her and put her under the blanket she might wake up, but she was content to keep snoozing away. She looks so relaxed and has the perfect little pout in the last picture I decided to showcase here. It is wonderful when I can keep babies that comfortable. Check out a sneak peak at her gallery!



Coffee Creek Studio is based out of Shelbyville, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Amy Haehl, who specializes in engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn photography, as well as mentoring other photographers. Coffee Creek Studio serves Indianapolis, Indiana and all surrounding areas.



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